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w3voice skeleton - A development kit for voice-enabled Web applications



"w3voice skeleton" is a development kit for voice-enabled Web applications. It is a speech input method that can be used to achieve practical and easy voice-based interactions. This archive contains sample CGI programs of w3voice applications, a Java applet, and some documents. You can develop your own w3voice applications by modifying these programs. This archive is distributed under the MIT-style license..

On our project website (http://w3voice.jp/), you can find various voice-enabled applications such as a speech recognizer, a spoken dialogue interface, a spectrogram analyzer, a voice changer, and an online forum(*).

* Currently our speech recognition program accepts inputs only in Japanese. The English version of our website will be available soon.


This archive contains CGI source codes of the following sample applications. They are very simple scripts developed for very small and narrow tasks. However, you can use them to develop your original w3voice application. You will be able to learn fundamental tricks necessary for implementing the w3voice system. We intend to develop more useful sample applications in the future.




Auditory Media Laboratory, Wakayama University
e-mail: nisimura@sys.wakayama-u.ac.jp

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